KeyLemon-LemonSreeen 2.0.1 | 8.7 Mb

KeyLemon is a fun and simple solution for locking and unlocking your computer using your face. When you move away, KeyLemon Screen automaticaly locks your computer. And as soon as you come back, KeyLemon Screen unlocks your computer in lesser time than it would take if you write the login password down manually. All that you need is just a webcam and KeyLemon Screen.

Permanent protection
Thanks to face recognition technology LemonScreen ensures computer access to authorized users only. Have a coffee? Don’t worry LemonScreen premanent protection will lock automatically your session when you are no more in front of your computer. When you come back KeyLemon Screen unlocks your computer in less time than it would take to enter your password. It is a simple fun and convenient application to lock and unlock your computer using your face.

Hijackers tracking
Retrieve information about who wanted to use your computer? With the hijackers tracking feature you can view pictures of the person:
  • who was in front of your computer before automatic lock
  • who typed a wrong password when computer was locked
*Only works on Windows XP


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