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Useful sites for blogger below are listed based on my own experience. They helped me a lot to build this blog from scratch. All of them are free. Some of them require you to sign up as member before you can get the stuff you want.
Hoping they will be useful for you too.

1. eblogtemplates
A very recommended site for you. Comprehensive site which provide almost everything a webmaster and blogger needs. eblogtemplates is a place for you to get a nice, adsense ready and widgetize blog templates, for both wordpress and blogger user. Visit this site, and you'll like it. So many things in there for your web or blog development, adsense know how and SEO techniques to increase your traffic and pagerank.

2. bloggerplugins
Need a cool yet functionable widgets and pluggins for your blog? You've come to the right place if you go to bloggerplugins. Useful widgets with detail explanations on how to plug them in into your site. Also much more tips and tricks to modify your existing templates.

3. allticles
Another useful site for blogger. You can tell the content of this site from the name. Yes, allticles is about articles, and they are all very good articles. First impression of this site is simply minimalist but still it is very beautiful. Allticles has a wide range of article categories, and from what I've seen, they all 5 stars articles.

4. topblogarea & topofblogs
One effective way to increase traffic to your site is by submitting the site to a community or blog directory. Two sites above will be a good ones to submit your site into. As for Indonesian blogger, you may also try kumpulblogger.

5. ziddu
As a webmaster or blogger, you'll need a place to store your files online. ziddu is a free hosting for your online file storage, with unlimitted disk space. And as a bonus, you'll earn $0.01 for each download by others, for the files that you've uploaded into ziddu.

6. shareapic
Almost similar with item#5, the difference is that shareapic is only for pictures/image file type only.

7. ezinearticles which match your category and niche, then copy and paste the article you choose. However I don't recommend you to do this often, since a "copy & paste" posting will not be properly indexed by the search engine.

8. softarchive
Last but not least, a free softwares provider. Roaming in the i-world and being a blogger is almost impossible, without a powerful application, to build a good site. softarchive is a where you can download thousands of software and e-book. And all of them are FREE !!!

If you have your own version of useful sites for blogger , please feel free to list them in the comment section.

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