NOKIA Product Naming Code

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NOKIA product naming code is something that most of us hardly know. Do you get a clue how does those products got their names ? Why does your phone call N-Gage ? What is Nokia 7 series ? Or maybe your friend has a 6360, what does 6360 stand for ?
Let's check it out !
NOKIA didn't give those products their names without purpose. The names did have some meaning. Below is NOKIA product specifications based on the series.

  • 1000 Ultrabasic. All NOKIA products that initialized with number "1" are in this categories. NOKIA 1000 series is a low end products with basic cellphone functions, voice call and short messaging system. No Hi-end technology embedded in them. This series has the lowest price of all NOKIA products.
  • 2000 Basic Cellphone. Initialized with number "2". NOKIA 2000 series still with minimum features, however they had been plugged in with bluetooth and camera.
  • 3000 Expression Series. Low price products that creatively design on the appearance. With color display, music player available, camera and ability to connect with PC.
  • 4000 Series ? For certain reasons, there's no NOKIA with this series. Wonder why ? Only God knows why ^_^
  • 5000 Active Series. Targeted for active people, usually for musicholics.
  • 6000 Classic Business Series. Beginning to touch business area with hi-end technology. The one that is getting lose its "niche", since there're so many NOKIA products launched in this series.
  • 7000 Experimental Series. Having any weird experiences with your 7000 series ? No wonder, this is a "trial and error series".
  • 8000 Premium Series. The word "Premium" shows that 8000 series is no longer a low price products. With many hi-tech features in it.
  • 9000 Communicator Series. Booming in 2005, a wealthy and luxury symbol. This series is an embryo for the E-Series. The first series with GEOS, which means no longer Symbian for the OS.
  • E-Series. E for Enterprise. Business oriented, minimalist design, impressive features and very responsive.
  • N-Series. With this series, NOKIA is attempting to make the dream come true. An imaginative product. All technologies that used to be only in fantasy are tried to be realized and plugged in by NOKIA into this series.

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