Getting Addict With KASKUS

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KASKUS, the biggest Indonesian Community

Before all my craps going out of my mouth, let me tell you what KASKUS is :
It is the biggest cyber community/forum in Indonesia. With more than 900.000 active members in it.

KASKUS stats
Alexa Rank : 470
Google Pagerank : 5
Google Backlinks : more than 20.000
Yahoo Backlinks : more than 25.000
Altavista Backlinks : more than 36.000

From the beginning of my first contact with the e-world, I didn't enjoy myself with so called forum/community things. But then all my world (e-world, of course...) had changed when I finally decided to sign up as a KASKUS member. To be honest, what was triggering me to be a KASKUSER is BB17, a sub-forum for 17+ and adult stuffs , you know what I mean, don't you...
I believe most of KASKUSERs join the forum because of this thing. But then a bad news strike, about 1 year ago, adults stuffs are prohibited in the cyber world of Indonesia. And so that favorite of mine gone from KASKUS.
So what next, was KASKUS left by its members then ? Amazingly, NO ! Even me myself thought that KASKUS was over at that time. The fact that KASKUS survived is out of every body's mind.

For me, personally, I keep my heart for KASKUS, is because that there's no community that so alive, compared with KASKUS (No offense for other forums...)
I found it still beautiful without BB17, even better I assume. A lot of hot news that I got here, far away before the same news was popped out on other sites. The contain of the forum is so rich, and dynamic.

But, aside of the good points, there're also minus points for a forum as huge as KASKUS. The most irritating one is that it is very slow, it takes time about 5,398 seconds to load (84% are faster). Of course it is due to bulky database in the server. And because of this d-base problem too, KASKUS frequently had "Server Error" and "Server Maintenance". Another annoying thing is junkers and racialism stuffs are everywhere in KASKUS, though recently those has been minimized, not as severe as it was a few months ago.

Overall, KASKUS is still the best for me. By the way, in case others KASKUSERs read this, please share your thought too, will you...

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