Having any problems with your PC which is caused by Conficker Virus a.k.a Downadup, Downup or Kido ?

First, let me explain what Conficker is. Conficker is a kind of computer worm that attacks Microsoft Windows OS. This worm, that surfaced in 2008, exploits a known vulnerability in the Windows Server service.
Conficker was designed with high complexity. It was applied with a very "nice and gorgeous" rootkit technology, antidebugging, anti-VM, double-layer obfuscated code, which make Conficker untraceable, even with a popular antivirus such as McAfee.
Well, maybe there are some antivirus programs which said that they software is capable to get rid Conficker off your PC. Unfortunately they do not clean this virus up to the core, why? Because Conficker has the capability to hide and active in the ring0 (kernel-mode). So in order to flush away Conficker, an antivirus needs to have a very high intelligent rootscan which can penetrate deep down to Ring0 (kernel mode).

Eventhough, you don't need to be panic if your PC was infected by Conficker. PC Media team, an Indonesian market leader in computer magazine, has created an antidote for this virus. PCMAV Express is the best antivirus which has all that is needed to clean Conficker from your PC. And the best thing is that you can download for 100% no fee.

PCMAV Express

Below is the steps to take to clean up Conficker from your computer :
1. You have to log in to your PC as administrator
2. Disable other Antivirus applications on your PC
3. Disconnect from the networks, LAN and Internet
4. Start PCMAV Express
5. Rescan if necessary
6. Make sure that all the PCs on your network is clean from Conficker before reconnecting
7. Since Conficker has the ability to steal admin password, make your admin log in password uneasy to be guessed. Combination between numeric and alphabet, small and capital letter will be better.
8. If you do not follow those steps above correctly, Conficker will be able to re attack on your PC no matter how good the Antivirus you have.

Click here to download PCMAV Express

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